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We create exiting interactive visual courses to enable newly hired employees:

  • to get familiar with the procedures and rules for doing things in the company;

  • to have a look at the corporate identity and ethical standards of the company;

  • to systematize the information about the company’s structure, roles and responsibilities;

  • to develop a basic knowledge on the subject matters or topics required for work;

  • to get acquainted with the operating principles of the used equipment and systems;

  • to complete the curriculum of the mandatory training /skills development program on the subjects of control.

Also, such courses will help executive leaders familiarize their staff with new working procedures, incentive scheme amendments, etc. in the Management of Change process.

Development of e-learning courses

Software and hardware simulators

The key focus area of PromService LLC in its e-learning activities is the creation of software and hardware training simulators. At times, simulating tools are indispensable in the practices of enterprises, as training with the use of real equipment or software programs involves significant costs or inherent risks that could have an adverse effect on the company’s business.

Electronic simulators enable:

·         skill training in the use of software programs or the operation of equipment;

·         immersion in the learning environment that perfectly reproduces the actual software or machinery;

·         step-by-step learning and simulation mode that allow for taking the course at the user’s pace;

·         significant reduction of the risks to damage actual equipment or software.

To make an order reach out to us by phone: +7 (343) 380-99-41 (ext. 213, 202) or by e-mail prom@promservice-ek.ru

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