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Е-learning is a new actively evolving – especially of late – learning standard. Traditional methods of classroom learning often are not applicable because of prohibitive expenses or other reasons related to the off-the-job training of personnel.

The concept of e-learning is the best solution for the following tasks:

familiarization of the company’s staff with a new product or service;

familiarization with new operating procedures or operational standards; 

familiarization with changes in the corporate policy or new work norms;

skill practice using simulators and training aids.

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 These tasks require:

  1. Preparing e-learning courses on the aforementioned subjects.

  2. Making the courses available on a special training portal – distance education website.

  3. Sending automatic notifications of the need to do the learning course to the selected employees.

  4. Holding a webinar on certain complicated subjects where the instructor’s assistance is required.

  5. Organizing e-testing upon completion of the course, if necessary.

  6. Receiving consolidated statistical data on attendance and testing results of any particular employee.


Advantages for your company of implementing and deploying e-learning:

  • reduction in logistics costs – no need to send the employees for training to another city, no need to send instructors on business trips;

  • reduction in day release costs;

  • increase in learning rates – the e-learning system may be used to train a large number of people at the same time, so all the employees will be ready to work with new rules promptly and concurrently;

  • improvement of the learning process transparency – this is an advantage for the heads of learning and development departments and for the company management who can see all statistics, all indicators, and all information with regard to the training.

  • remote certification – the e-testing system may be very useful for this purpose, as the employees can demonstrate their knowledge, and the management can aggregate the certification results and have a realistic picture of the quality of their staff at no extra cost.

PromService LLC will help implement all these items, from building and deployment of the e-learning website and placement of the courses to maintenance of the systems and training of your company’s staff in the system administration.

We have been working in this area since 2013.

To make an order reach out to us by phone: +7 (343) 380-99-41 (ext. 213, 202) or by e-mail prom@promservice-ek.ru

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