People - professionals and bright personalities - are the main value of our company.

We strive to create the most favorable conditions for the professional and career growth of each employee. The company encourages a creative approach to their work, focus on results,
activity and initiative.

Today, PromService LLC employs several dozen people. Most of the employees are engineers and technicians with university degrees. The personnel potential of the company is characterized by a high level of qualifications
and professionalism. Newcomers work alongside experienced specialists, renowned and distinguished professionals with great authority. Young, proactive, well-educated and active specialists are of great interest to us. Hope for the further development of our business is connected with them.

LLC PromService expects from its employees and external applicants:

  • High level of development of professional and managerial competencies;

  • Ability to solve large-scale tasks in a short time with the most effective use
    available resources;

  • Initiative and persistence in managing change;

  • High performance discipline and loyalty to the goals of the company, its mission, vision and values,
    to the formed corporate culture.

LLC "PromService" provides:

  • High level of professionalism and leadership of top and middle managers, corresponding to the scale and weight of our company in the market;

  • The opportunity for rapid career development for successful professionals, including through promotion
    to leading positions in the business areas of our company.

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